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Operating instructions for the safe use of gas-fired hot-bla
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Gas hot air stove in the production process should be strictly in accordance with the operation instructions to ensure the safety of production.
YIRAN gas hot blast stove should be operated strictly in accordance with the safe operation instructions in the production process to improve the use efficiency of the hot blast stove, reduce the failure rate and improve the production efficiency. Operation instructions for safe use of YIRAN gas hot blast stove for starting ignition and stopping furnace and flameout: 
(I) start the furnace for ignition. 
1. Before ignition, check the pressure and composition of main gas and ignition fuel, make them meet the operation requirements, check the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, confirm that they are in the normal starting condition, clean up the sundries or coke blocks at the nozzle port, and ensure that all the equipment is in good condition. In a normal standby condition. 
2. Open the gas everywhere release valve, the pipeline gas release 5-10 minutes, and then close the release valve. When the new equipment starts up and stops the furnace for a long time, it is necessary to open the purge valve on the pipe and pass into the steam purge for 10-20 minutes, then close the purge valve after the steam overflows. 
3. Open the main valve on the gas line and open the flue gate to the main position. 
4. When igniting manually, the torch is inserted into the ignition hole, the gas valve is opened before the burner is slightly opened, and the air valve is opened correspondingly after the gas is ignited, and the gas and air volume are adjusted until a stable complete combustion flame is obtained. 
5. When electric ignition, open the ignition gun gas manual valve, controlled by the control cabinet. 
6. Observe from the viewing hole and make sure that the ignition gun burns, and then slowly open the main gas valve (not too wide open), at this time the burner ignited, and then gradually open the air regulating valve. 
7. After the flame is stable burning for 5-10 minutes, the main gas valve will be enlarged step by step and the main air valve will be adjusted step by step at the same time. When adjusting the valve (including the air valve and the gas valve), practical attention must be paid, and the adjustment process must be gradual and slow. To prevent the burner from flameout or off fire during combustion. 
8. Observe the state of the flame, and open the air valve for fine adjustment, straight adjustment to the flame normal stable combustion, the tail of the orange can be fixed after the air valve. 
9. If the ignition is unsuccessful or flameout in the way, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and the fan should be opened to open the air valve to blow away the furnace for 3-5 minutes, and after troubleshooting, the furnace should be started and ignited again according to the operating procedures of 2 ~ 8 items. 
10. When igniting, it is strictly forbidden to leave the station in the explosion-proof valve, the furnace door and other empty places, so as to avoid the occurrence of life accidents. 
11. After the ignition is successful, adjust the opening of the flue gate so that the furnace pressure at the bottom plane is zero. 
(2) shutdown and flameout. 
1. Press the flameout button, close the ignition gas valve, close the gas valve before the burner, close the small air valve for 2-5 minutes, stop the fan operation, the fan stops supplying air. 
2. Open the gas pipe each release valve, to be released 5-10 minutes after the closure. 
3. Close the furnace door and drop the flue gate. 
4. Short time (such as within 1 hour) shutdown, can only close the main gas valve. If started again, press Ignition procedure items 6-11.

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