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The production line of YIRAN natural gas energy-saving car furnace adopts regenerative combustion system, pulse combustion mode and waste heat recovery device of flue gas. The furnace body has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable quality, low energy consumption, high energy saving and environmental protection efficiency, high heating quality and quick production, etc. Can be customized according to different needs of users: 
The main contents are as follows: (1) when the workpiece of YIRAN energy-saving natural gas furnace is heated, the trolley is driven out of the furnace body, the workpiece is placed on the trolley, and the trolley is driven into the furnace for heating. The furnace body of energy-saving trolley furnace is steel structure, the steel skeleton is welded by section steel and steel plate, the whole steel structure is designed reasonably and the structure is firm. 
(2) the regenerative combustion mode of energy-saving trolley furnace, complete combustion of natural gas, high heating quality and high production efficiency; 
(3) the whole fiber plate structure is used to hang the furnace lining on the steel skeleton, and the bearing part is laid with heavy refractory brick to enhance the structural strength of the furnace lining. (3) Energy-saving trolley furnace lining is used to hang on the steel skeleton, and the bearing part is laid with heavy refractory brick. The insulation layer of trolley adopts compound structure of aluminosilicate refractory fiber and diatomite insulation brick in order to improve the heat preservation performance of furnace body. 
(4) Energy-saving trolley furnace trolley is a platform for carrying workpieces and running. It mainly consists of trolley steel structure, trolley fire resistant and heat insulation layer, trolley walking mechanism, heating element, furnace bottom plate and so on. 
(5) Energy-saving trolley furnace bottom plate: the bottom plate of the furnace is equipped with pressure and high temperature resistant cast steel bottom plate to support the workpieces. In order to prevent the oxide scale produced after heating of the workpiece from falling into the surroundings of the heating element through the gap between the bottom plates of the furnace, the heating element is damaged. 
(6) the structure of the furnace door of energy-saving trolley furnace, which is made of light-weight steel frame and refractory fiber as heat insulation material; 
(7) Energy-saving car furnace sealing: the furnace door is composed of the furnace door frame, elastic soft skirt and refractory fiber heat insulation lining. Furnace door sealed around the use of unique soft skirt structure (that is, flexible structure). The furnace door is pressed by spring pressing mechanism. This structure does not need external power, completely depends on the mechanical weight of the furnace door, through the mechanical structure of the self-weight of the furnace door into the pressure of the door. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance, good sealing effect between the furnace door and the guard plate, no leakage of fire, saving energy and prolonging the service life of the furnace door; 
(8) the intelligent temperature control system of energy-saving car-furnace: the main temperature instrument selects the intelligent digital display temperature controller, the executive mechanism selects the present advanced high-power module, carries on the automatic control to the furnace temperature through the intelligent digital display temperature controller. The system is also equipped with the functions of double temperature control, double over temperature alarm and automatic cut off of natural gas fuel to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

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