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Low temperature heat treatment furnace
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YIRAN low-temperature heat treatment furnace, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced technology, affordable.
YIRAN low temperature heat treatment furnace of natural gas realizes pulse combustion mode through PLC intelligent control of air fuel ratio, uniform and stable furnace temperature, wall regenerative combustion mode, waste heat recovery technology of flue gas, and improvement of control elements through gas pipeline and combustion air pipeline. To achieve the purpose of controlling furnace temperature uniformity and saving energy. The YIRAN low temperature heat treatment furnace for natural gas has the following characteristics: 
1. Low temperature heat treatment furnace wall regenerative combustion mode, good heat storage, small heat loss, low energy consumption, can not only reduce production costs, but also reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides; 
2. Low temperature heat treatment furnace PLC intelligent control of furnace temperature and furnace pressure, high precision of temperature control, low temperature heat treatment furnace model, simple operation; 
3. No noise and no environmental pollution; 
4. High degree of automation, low temperature heat treatment model, simple operation; 
5. Adopt PID programming to set and run automatically; 
7. Good sealing, long service life, safe and reliable; 
It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electric power, shipping, paper making, mining, central heating and other industrial sectors. With the development of social productive forces, its application in various industries is more and more extensive. 
YIRAN low-temperature heat treatment furnace adopts pulse combustion mode. At present, there are two control modes in combustion system, one is pulse combustion mode controlled by large and small solenoid valves, the other is continuous flame control. The pulse control mode can control the electric executive valve of the combustion support wind is the position control; the output mode of the control instrument is the switch signal; the burner controller is the position control. For the flame continuous control: the electric executive valve controlling the combustion air is continuous control; the output continuous current signal of the control instrument; the continuous control of the burner controller.

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