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How can we reduce forging energy consumption?
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The energy consumption of forging can be reduced by adopting high calorific value energy saving furnace type hot charging technology and so on.

The energy consumption in the production of forgings includes fuel consumption and kinetic energy consumption. Furnace burnup is the main energy consumption and kinetic energy consumption in forging furnace. Furnace burnup is the main energy consumption in forging. The fuel consumption of large free forging workshop accounts for more than 80% of all kinds of energy consumption in the workshop. It is of great significance to reduce the consumption of forging furnaces. The commonly used measures are as follows: 

1. Adopt the reasonable heat source: the fuel which the forging heats the reuse has the solid, the powder, the liquid, the gas and so on type. The solid combustion is coal; the powder fuel is pulverized coal; the liquid fuel is heavy oil and light diesel oil; the gas fuel is natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and coal gas. 

2. Adopt the advanced heating furnace type: the natural gas heating furnace of wool and forgings adopts the digital regenerative high speed pulse burning and control technology and the continuous fuel regenerative pulse burning and control technology. Compared with the conventional burner + air preheater and the preheated burner furnace, the energy saving rate is up to 50% and the furnace temperature uniformity is controlled between ±10 and 50% in high temperature forging. It is used in medium and low temperature heat treatment furnaces. The energy saving rate reaches 30% -50%, and the furnace temperature uniformity is controlled between ±5 ℃. 

3. Adopting hot charging technology: hot charging is an effective energy-saving measure for regenerative heating furnace to heat heavy forgings, that is, the ingots poured from the steelmaking workshop are transported directly to the forging workshop for heating without cooling; Generally, the temperature of entering the furnace should be controlled above 600 ℃. Compared with cold charging, it can save energy 40-45%, at the same time, it can save heating time, reduce heating configuration quantity and improve production efficiency. 

4. Waste heat recovery technology: the temperature of flue gas discharged from the fuel furnace is as high as 600-1200 ℃, and the heat taken away accounts for 30-70% of the total heat. The recovery and utilization of this part of heat is an important way to save energy in forging workshop. At present, the main utilization mode is the wall regenerative type, which uses the waste heat of flue gas to heat the combustion air and gas fuel. With the vigorous promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, the secondary / tertiary waste heat recycling technology will be more and more widely used in the forging industry.


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