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YIRAN environmental protection celebrates 10th anniversary
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Shandong YIRAN environmental protection established on the 10th anniversary, honed 10 years, summing up the past, looking forward to the future.

Autumn in October 2017, with the company's front-line staff home, all YIRAN people finally gathered together, ushered in the tenth anniversary of YIRAN environmental birthday and summary recognition meeting. Ten years of waiting, ten years of persistence, ten years of Endeavour, ten years moved! Grateful team, grateful society, grateful users, grateful friends! Honed ten years, we are still on the road, we would like to use all the efforts of the YIRAN people in exchange for the next more brilliant decade! Here, we sum up yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. 

Looking back on the past, YIRAN environmental protection firmly grasp the industry trends, continue to develop and produce new energy-saving, environmental protection natural gas forging furnace: in 2007, YIRAN environmental protection developed the first generation of industrial furnace: cyclone coal-fired forging furnace in 2012, the company closely followed the new trends of energy saving and environmental protection. Research and development of the second generation industrial furnace: natural gas forging furnace with natural gas as the main energy; 2013, the company developed and produced the third generation industrial furnace, the door of the furnace is soft sealed, PLC intelligent control; 2014, the fourth generation of industrial furnace. Wall regenerative natural gas forging furnace, high speed regenerative burner 2015, fifth generation industrial furnace: double regenerative industrial furnace, ultra low energy consumption industrial furnace, energy saving 40%, 60%; 2017: sixth generation automatic industrial furnace. Natural gas automatic feeding furnace, natural gas automatic feeding furnace. 

Through the unremitting efforts of all YIRAN people, the company has made good progress in the management, the performance hit a new high, sales nearly doubled compared with last year, and completed the construction work of each project one after another. He once again made important contributions to the cause of the blue sky of the motherland. 

Xiongguan Man Road really iron, and now step forward again, the results only represent the past, facing a new year, I hope all YIRAN environmental protection staff continue to use our full enthusiasm, to write a more brilliant chapter of 2018 YIRAN environmental protection!

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