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YIRAN Anshan City, Liaoning Province, room forging furnace equipment, heating speed, furnace temperature uniformity and stability, low labor intensity, simple control.
Anshan customers two natural gas chamber forging heating furnace, mainly used in the customer's large forging heating. In the practical application of YIRAN natural gas chamber forging furnace, compared with the traditional furnace, the natural gas chamber regenerative forging furnace has many advantages: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The natural gas chamber furnace can save energy, reduce the energy consumption, adopt the flat flame burner to heat the furnace, under the same fuel condition, the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, and the multi-point lower exhaust smoke is adopted, which avoids the waste of part of the flue gas. Moreover, the flue gas is fully contacted with the workpiece, and the residual heat of the flue gas is recovered and reused. 
2. The furnace temperature is uniform and the workpiece is heated uniformly after the optimization of high production efficiency, which can realize the heating process of the whole furnace workpiece at the same time. In this way, not only the heating time of the workpiece is saved, but also the forging heating time after heating of the whole furnace workpiece is shortened, and the continuous forging of the whole furnace workpiece can be realized. The utility model avoids the waste of time and energy caused by the continuous combustion of the furnace due to waiting for the complete heating of the whole furnace workpiece. 
3. After the optimization and transformation of reducing workers' labor intensity, the furnace type is good in integrity, simple in structure, low in maintenance rate, low in labor intensity, simple in control and low in workers' labor intensity. 
4. Natural gas heating furnace, regenerative combustion system, waste heat recovery of flue gas, uniform and stable furnace temperature, small oxidation loss of forgings.
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