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Hunan Mould Steel Spheroidizing annealing Furnace
YIRAN Zhuzhou City Hunan Province 100 tons of mold steel spheroidizing annealing furnace project to improve the machinability to eliminate residual internal stress and reduce deformation.
Shandong YIRAN environmental protection Hunan Zhuzhou 100 tons grinding tool steel spheroidizing annealing furnace project completed, trolley annealing furnace structure, which is mainly used for customer mold steel spheroidizing annealing heat treatment process, the process is slowly heating die steel to a certain temperature. Keep long enough and then cool at an appropriate rate. The spheroidizing annealing furnace of YIRAN100 ton die steel can effectively reduce the hardness of the die steel, improve the machinability, eliminate the residual stress, stabilize the workpiece size, reduce the tendency of deformation and crack, refine the grain size, adjust the microstructure and eliminate the microstructure defects. 
Die steel is used to manufacture cold stamping die, hot forging die die-casting die and other die steel. Die is the main processing tool for manufacturing parts in the machinery manufacturing, radio instrumentation, electrical machinery, electrical appliances and other industrial sectors. The quality of the mould directly affects the quality of the pressure machining process, the precision of the product, the output and the production cost. The quality and the service life of the mould depend on the reasonable structure design of the hearth and the machining precision. Mainly affected by mold materials and heat treatment.
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