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CSR orders two room forging reheating furnaces
YIRAN has successfully won the bid for two sets of natural gas chamber forging reheating furnace equipment, automatic ignition, PLC intelligent control, advanced technical scheme.
CSR is formed by the merger of CNR and CSR. It is a leading global provider of rail transit equipment with a complete range of products and first-class technology. Mainly engaged in: railway rolling stock, EMU, urban rail transit vehicles, construction machinery, all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic equipment and parts, electrical and electronic equipment and environmental protection equipment. 
By virtue of excellent product quality and high performance-price ratio, Shandong YIRAN has successfully won the bid for two natural gas chamber forging reheating furnaces in China, which can realize automatic ignition, PLC intelligent control and stepless adjustment of firepower. The rated temperature of YIRAN chamber forging furnace can reach 1300 ℃, the temperature can be precisely controlled, the quality of sinter can be guaranteed, the mixture can be sintered well, and the reasonable air-fuel ratio can be precisely controlled.

CSR is very satisfied with our environmental protection factory's room gas forging furnace equipment. In August 2018, it signed an order agreement with us again to order a natural gas chamber forging furnace which can ignite automatically. The furnace adopts the wall regenerative combustion technology, and the furnace is under intensive construction. China car issued the order again to prove the outstanding quality of the environmental protection industrial furnace, hand in hand, create resplendence.

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