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Tianjin natural gas forging furnace
YIRAN Tianjin powerful industry and trade gas forging furnace equipment refine grains improve the mechanical properties of workpieces and extend the life of workpieces.
Tianjin strong industry and trade mainly engaged in carbon steel, stainless steel flange, pipe fittings and forgings professional manufacturers, the annual production flange more than 12000 tons, 2000 tons of various forgings, diesel engine accessories 3 million pieces. Mainly exported to the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia and so on. In 2017, in order to expand production, Tianjin powerful Industry and Trade needs a new natural gas forging heating furnace, YIRAN environmental protection for Tianjin strong Industry and Trade customized a set of flange, pipe, forgings forging heating program. This is our YIRAN environmental protection multiple contact flange, pipe, forging workpiece natural gas forging furnace equipment design, Our technical staff based on our previous experience in flange natural gas forging furnace combined with Tianjin strong industrial and trade process requirements to customize the program to meet the needs. 
Characteristics of YIRAN natural gas forging furnace. 
1. Fine grain: metal work piece is composed of coarse grain, the grain is connected by grain boundary, the more grain boundary, the stronger the metal bond. After forging heating furnace, the coarse casting grains become finer forging grains, which increase the number of grain boundaries, enhance the strength and hardness of the workpiece, and improve the overall mechanical properties of the workpiece. 
2. Changing the shape of inclusions: the inclusions inside the workpiece are regarded as the source of cracks, which affects the mechanical properties and service life of the workpiece as a whole. By heating the forging furnace, the granular inclusions can be changed into strip or linear, the internal stress can be reduced, and the influence on the mechanical properties of the workpiece can be reduced. 
3. Forging internal defect: forging furnace can improve the strength and toughness of metal and prolong the service life of metal workpiece. 
4. Changing the direction of workpiece fiber: regenerative heating furnace can make the fiber direction of workpiece distribute along the shape of forging piece, and ensure that the workpiece has good physical properties and longer service life.
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