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Heating Furnace for Mechanical forging in Jiangsu Province
YIRAN Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province should flow mechanical room forging furnace equipment, PLC intelligent control, to achieve human-computer interaction, advanced technology.
Jiangsu Yingliu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer of forged steel ring parts, from forging to finishing the implementation of integrated services, equipped with a variety of specifications of vertical, horizontal ring mill and its matching hammer, press, etc. The products sell well at home and abroad, such as USA, UK, Argentina, etc. It is a member of China Electric Appliance Industry Association, China General Machinery Valve Industry Association, Jiangsu Province Valve Association member, Jiangsu Province star enterprises, AAA credit enterprises, national spark technology-intensive areas pillar industry key enterprises. 
In order to expand production and cooperate with the basic national policy of energy saving and environmental protection, Jiangsu Yingliu Machinery wants to equip a set of natural gas chamber forging heating furnace equipment in 2017. The project leader and the chief engineer of our technical department have exchanged the actual needs of customers in detail. After knowing this, our technical staff gave a complete set of technical proposals for the forging heating furnace of the annular parts after detailed calculation. The natural gas heating furnace equipment uses clean environmental protection natural gas as the energy source, the control system adopts the PLC intelligent control system, and realizes the man-machine interaction. The temperature of YIRAN natural gas chamber forging furnace can be strictly controlled, the accuracy of furnace temperature can be controlled within ±10 ℃, the workpiece can be heated by means of radiation, convection and conduction, and the heated workpiece can be loaded and removed from the door of the furnace. The utility model is suitable for the heating of single room, small batch workpieces and annular parts, and has high production efficiency.
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