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Hebei Tangshan Natural Gas forging Furnace
Hebei Tangshan equipment orders two sets of regenerative natural gas forging furnace, the ton consumption is only 50 square natural gas, the production efficiency is high, the cost is low.
Hebei Province Tangshan Wansheng mechanical and electrical production mainly engaged in metal processing, generator sets and other equipment production, cutting and maintenance. In order to expand production, the company needs a new natural gas chamber forging furnace. After a field visit to our company, we are very interested in our natural gas regenerative forging furnace. We have ordered two natural gas forging furnaces in our company. The YIRAN natural gas forging heating furnace adopts wall regenerative combustion system, flue gas waste heat recovery system and dispersive combustion mode, which effectively reduces the exhaust gas temperature and improves the heat energy utilization rate. The consumption per ton is only 50 square meters and the production cost is low. It can save a lot of running cost for Tangshan Wansheng mechatronics every year. 
1. Temperature curve control: as a kind of discontinuous furnace, the most common working mode of natural gas forging furnace is one cycle per day, because cold furnace and cold material can not be heated too fast, so there is a temperature rise curve in general technology. The furnace temperature should be raised step by step according to the curve so as to avoid damage to the furnace masonry or stress crack in the billet if the furnace temperature rises too quickly. 
2. Temperature deviation control: the actual furnace temperature of YIRAN natural gas forging furnace is controlled within ±10 ℃ from the set furnace temperature, the furnace temperature is even and stable, and the heating quality is high. 
3. Temperature uniformity control of each point in the furnace: high speed regenerative burner, flue gas waste heat recovery and regenerative combustion system can effectively ensure the temperature uniformity of each point in the furnace and do not appear the phenomenon of workpieces' yin and yang. The oxide scale is relatively small.
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