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Changzhou Feitian Gear Natural Gas forging Furnace in Jiangs
YIRAN Jiangsu Province natural gas forging furnace project, the firepower has no pole adjustment, the workpiece oxidizes to burn the loss to be small.
Jiangsu province Changzhou flying gear mainly research, development, production and sales of various bevel gears, cylindrical gears, bearings and other products, the annual production of more than 3 million flying gear orders our company two energy-saving environmental protection natural gas forging furnace, flue gas waste heat recovery. The flue gas discharging temperature ≤ 100 ℃, the firepower has no pole to adjust automatically, the heating speed is high, the work piece oxide scale is few, the oxidation loss is small. The natural gas forging furnace adopts PLC intelligent control fan frequency conversion, in the heat preservation stage, the fan speed obviously reduces, simultaneously reduced the fan rotation, prolonged the fan service life, the noise is small, more energy conservation and environmental protection. 
The natural gas forging furnace is made up of natural gas control system, regenerative combustion system, flue gas waste heat recovery system and forging furnace body, which can meet the different technological and production requirements of the flying gear. The forging surface quality is good, greatly saves the oxide scale, saves the blank; the air consumption is low, the use cost is low, the working environment is improved, the smoke dust is not visible; the continuous production, the high efficiency, the operation is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.
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