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Tangshan Shengtong Natural Gas forging Furnace in Hebei
YIRAN environmental protection Tangshan natural gas forging furnace equipment, regenerative combustion, flue gas waste heat recovery, safe and reliable.
Hebei Tangshan Shengtong Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, with a production history of more than 20 years. Main production forgings and forgings, product varieties, complete specifications. The main products include carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, alloyed structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloyed tool steel and bearing steel. According to the special requirements of the user can be produced with special use requirements of the forging and forging. The natural gas forging furnace main equipment is 1300 tons, 2500 tons hydraulic fast forging press, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons of electro-hydraulic hammer and a matching set. There are 5 22-meter continuous reheating furnaces, 1 12-meter annealing kiln, 6 forging surface cleaning equipments and sawing machines, and 3 round steel grinding machines. 
Hebei Tangshan Shengtong Group specially ordered two natural gas forging furnaces, each ton of workpiece heating energy consumption is only 50 square natural gas. The natural gas forging furnace has the following advantages: 
1. Wall regenerative combustion system, three-dimensional solid heat storage, high quality refractory and thermal insulation materials are used in the furnace wall, top and bottom, the sealing property is good, the loss of heat energy is small, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced; 
2, many pairs of high-speed regenerative nozzles, regenerative combustion mode to achieve dispersive combustion, uniform heating, easy maintenance; 
3. Intelligent control of air-fuel ratio with PLC, full combustion of natural gas, high efficiency of energy utilization, less scale of oxidation; 
4. The furnace temperature control precision of regenerative reheating furnace is high, the temperature control precision is within ±10 ℃, the furnace temperature is even and stable, adopting PLC control mode, all kinds of heating technology can be realized automatically; 
5. Intelligent frequency conversion technology, automatic control of air supply and output of fan, obvious energy saving and consumption reduction.
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