YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Jinan Jilong Natural Gas forging Furnace
Jinan Jilong forging order a wall regenerative natural gas forging furnace equipment, wall regenerative, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection tons of low consumption.
Jinan Jilong forging co., Ltd. Is a large-scale forging manufacturer and a member of china forging association. It covers an area of 100000 square meters and employs 450 people, with more than 70 engineers and technicians. Has become the heavy automobile, Weichai, John, Dir Tiantuo, NAC, Jichai, Xugong, Shantui, Shandong Futian heavy industry and other domestic enterprises of the main supporting manufacturers, and products are exported to the United States, the European Union, Southeast Asia and other regions. 
Jinan Jilong forging in order to expand the production demand, new 2500 tons hot die forging press production line and 4000 tons hot die forging press production line, after various inspection and comparison, in order to production stability, high efficiency. Jinan Jilong forging Plant ordered a wall regenerative natural gas forging furnace equipment in 2003. The forging furnace equipment adopts wall regenerative combustion system and flue gas waste heat recovery technology. The integral regenerative combustion adopts the lower part of the wall on both sides, with good heat preservation and low energy consumption. Through the scientific calculation of PLC, it realizes the rational proportional linkage of gas, air and flue gas, realizes the full combustion of gas, and has the ideal energy-saving effect. 
Jinan Jilong forging technicians came to our plant to check and accept the natural gas forging heating furnace equipment, and successfully completed the delivery, installation, debugging and other related work for customers.
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