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YIRAN Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Fengle forging furnace equipment, low energy consumption, furnace temperature uniformity, high degree of automation.
Jiangsu Province Changzhou Fengle Precision forging Co., Ltd. is a 2500T hot die forging production line. Auxiliary line 1600T stamping machine, 2000T fine press assembly line, 1600T precision forging line, 1000T friction pressure production line 2, 630T stamping machine, 400T stamping production line, 250T stamping production line, 4000T hot die forging press production line are in the construction of die forging processing plant; Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, Fixed assets 50 million yuan. Changzhou Fengle precision forging for the new 4000T hot die precision forging press production line project smoothly put into operation, need to put on two new natural gas forging heating furnace. After many investigations and several times of technical communication with our company, we have ordered two natural gas forging heaters to meet its 4000T hot die forging press production line project. The YIRAN natural gas forging furnace adopts the wall regenerative combustion technology, the waste heat of flue gas is recovered, and the oxidation burning loss of the forgings is small, which has the following advantages: 
1. Low energy consumption: the regenerative chamber of natural gas forging furnace has large heat transfer and short heat exchange events, which can save 42.65% of natural gas energy consumption; 
2. The furnace temperature is uniform and stable: the air and natural gas preheating temperature of regenerative forging furnace is high, which increases the combustion temperature and strengthens the convection and radiation heat transfer in the furnace. The furnace temperature distribution is uniform, and the temperature difference in the furnace is ≤ ±10 ℃. 
3. The flue gas pollution is small, reaching the standard of environmental protection: the natural gas heating furnace reduces the fuel consumption, directly reduces the emission of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, and the regenerative combustion technology realizes the pulse combustion, and realizes the emission of low nitrogen oxide; There are few other emissions. 
4. PLC intelligent control, flexible control air fuel ratio, accurate control of furnace temperature. 
5. Compact structure and small investment: the regenerative chamber of regenerative reheating furnace has a large heat transfer capacity per unit volume, so it can recover enough heat by using a smaller regenerative chamber. RCB integrates the functions of heat exchange and smoke exhaust, avoiding underground flue, commutator, hot air pipe and expensive chimney. If the old furnace is reformed, the amount of work is not large, the capital construction investment is small, the project cost is low, and the investment recovery period is short.
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