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Natural Gas heating Furnace of Shandong Dongwei Group
YIRAN Shandong Dongwei Group natural gas heating furnace equipment, good thermal insulation, small heat loss, long life, safe and reliable, practical technology.
Shandong Dongwei Group is one of the largest flange production bases in China. It mainly develops and produces standard prices and petrochemical fittings for flanges, stainless steel pipes, tee links, special-shaped pipes, elbows, etc., with an annual production capacity of more than 5000 tons and more than 500 employees. It is one of the largest flange production bases in China. Dongwei Group in order to constantly bring forth the old and win the market in the industry, Dongwei Group has customized the natural gas heating furnace for flanged workpieces in our environmental protection manufacturers.This is also one of our environmental protection manufacturers have repeatedly developed and produced mature technology natural gas heating furnace flange workpiece. 
The natural gas forging heating furnace in Shandong Province uses natural gas, producer gas and liquefied gas as fuel. Combined with the actual production needs, the natural gas heating furnace adopts the whole regenerative combustion to combine the furnace body and the regenerative chamber, thus reducing the heat dissipation area.Heat preservation is good, heat loss is small. Furnace life up to 3-5 years, in line with the high yield, quality, low consumption, energy saving, production automation of the process requirements. The technical measures for the design of regenerative reheating furnace and its main auxiliary mechanical equipment, electronic control system and instrument system should ensure that the production is reliable, the index is advanced, and the technology is practical. The purchase and supply of the equipment are based on the domestic market, and the price and investment of the equipment are low. The cycle is short.
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