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Natural Gas forging heating Furnace for Zhangqiu Iron Pot
YIRAN Zhen Sanhuan Zhangqiu iron pot gas natural gas forging furnace equipment, full combustion, pollution-free, fast heating, PLC intelligent control.
As we all know, Zhangqiu is a nationally famous "blacksmith's hometown", Zhangqiu iron pot is Zhangqiu a beautiful business card. Zhangqiu iron pot has a long history, Zhangqiu blacksmith has been continuing the ancient and traditional crafts and production techniques. To make an iron pot in Zhangqiu, you need to go through 12 processes, go through 18 heat levels, temper at 1,000 degrees, and undergo 36,000 forgings until the pot is like a mirror, and you can see its characteristics by simply scrambling eggs with clear water, without putting a drop of oil in it. You can make it not sticky at all. 
Zhangqiu iron pot on the fire requirements are very high. This time environmental protection and Zhangqiu Zhen three ring iron pot strong cooperation, specially according to Zhang Qiu iron pot complex craft and to the fire strict request, specially developed and designed the natural gas heating furnace, causes it to conform to the Zhang Qiu iron pot forging request specially. The natural gas forging furnace is heated by natural gas, which has the advantages of full combustion, no pollution, high heating speed, and the highest service temperature can reach 1300 ℃. The furnace lining adopts the fiber module structure, the regenerative combustion system, the lining heat is small, the heat loss is low, the energy saving is remarkable. The burning system. The waste heat is used to preheat the hot air temperature of the air pipe to 300-500 ℃ through the heat exchanger, and then into the furnace chamber, which saves a large amount of gas consumption and production cost. Control system: gas forging furnace adopts four connecting rod seal structure or electric cylinder pressing structure, PLC control or computer automatic control, centralized control system. 
The more national, the more the world, Zhangqiu iron pot and Shandong a natural environmental protection, exudes the spirit of excellence craftsman.
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