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Flue Gas denitrification of Taikins forging Furnace in Laiwu
The flue gas of Laiwu Tiggins forging furnace is denitrified by ammonia SCRTUO process. The content of nox is reduced to 30 mg / Nm 3, which is up to the standard of environmental protection.
Laiwu Taikins forging co., Ltd. Is one of the five companies in Laiwu Taikins group. It is a professional manufacturer of forklifts and forklifts in china with an annual production capacity of 300000 forks. Standard cargo fork, large tonnage sleeve cargo fork, integral port machine cargo fork, sliding port machine cargo fork, mining cargo fork, special forks for fork loaders, agricultural cargo forks, through pole cargo forks, patented stone cargo forks, screw pitch adjustment cargo forks, liquid. Pressure adjustable fork, folding fork and fork extender, etc. A total of more than 15 kinds, more than 300 specifications. The forklift truck belongs to the side shifter, the turnover device, the forklift back, the clamp pipe fork, the cargo fork sleeve and so on. 
Laiwu Tiggins forging Co., Ltd., for production needs, specially orders from YIRAN the forging furnace flue gas denitrification equipment, the initial nitrogen oxide content is 200mg / Nm3, the local acceptance standard is 100mg / Nm3, the single stage flue gas quantity is 2000Nm3/h. The YIRAN furnace flue gas denitrification equipment adopts SCR flue gas denitrification technology, uses ammonia water as catalyst, and has high denitrification efficiency. After denitrification, no _ x content is less than 30 mg / m ~ 3, and the operation is stable, which is far lower than the environmental protection standard for ultra low emission of flue gas in China.
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