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YIRAN Quanzhou City Fujian Province 100 tons of natural gas heating furnace projects each ton of steel rolling heating gas consumption of about 40 square meters high production efficiency.
The 100 ton natural gas heating furnace for steel rolling in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, is mainly used for heating steel rolling. The gas consumption of the heating furnace per ton is about 40 square meters. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The natural gas rolling furnace adopts clean and environmental protection natural gas as the energy source, wall regenerative combustion technology, the furnace temperature is even and stable, the rolled steel billet can be uniformly heated to austenitic temperature of steel, and the plasticity of steel billet can be improved. Reduce deformation resistance. Working principle of reheating furnace for steel rolling: 
The purpose of a rolling reheating furnace is to heat metal work to a uniform and suitable rolling temperature (internal austenitic structure). After the temperature rises, the first thing is to improve the plasticity of the metal work piece, reduce the deformation resistance of the metal work piece, make it easier to deform. When the temperature is heated to the suitable metal work piece, a large reduction can be used to reduce the accident of rolling mill equipment caused by wear and impact, so as to improve the productivity and operation rate of the rolling mill and consume less energy in the rolling operation. Natural gas rolling furnace equipment can improve the internal structure and properties of the workpiece.
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