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5 forging reheating furnaces in Yilet, Shandong Province
Shandong Yili ordered five sets of YIRAN 5600 × 5000 × 2200 regenerative forging furnace equipment and a natural gas automatic discharge furnace.
Shandong Ilette heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known large-scale ring forging joint venture supplier, mainly engaged in various types of high-quality pipes, wind power, nuclear power flange, forging porridge, forging rings, large offshore platform forgings and other products, with an annual output of 200000 tons of various types of forgings. Vice chairman unit of china forging association. In order to expand production capacity, Ilette heavy Industry has ordered five sets of 5600 × 5000 × 2200 regenerative chamber forging furnace and one natural gas automatic feeding furnace from YIRAN. 
In order to ensure the performance of the equipment to meet the requirements of the Ilette heavy Industry customers, we have adopted the following processes: 
The main results are as follows: 1. Compared with the common castable, the whole fiber furnace top is more energy saving and has longer service life. 
2. The wall regenerative combustion technology is adopted, which has the following advantages over the burner regenerative combustion technology. 
(1) the firepower of the heating stage is large and the temperature rising is fast; 
(2) the fan adopts frequency conversion to regulate speed, the firepower of insulation stage is small, the noise is low, the power consumption is little, and the energy saving is remarkable; 
(3) the thickness of the insulation layer on both sides of the wall is 1700mm, the outside temperature of the furnace body is low, and the temperature inside the furnace is maintained for a long time; 
(4) the heat exchange area of the regenerator is large, the flue gas waste heat is recovered, the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 100 ℃, the normal use temperature is below 50 ℃ (the other furnace exhaust gas temperature is about 150 ℃), the function of the flue gas waste heat recovery and reuse is achieved, and the utilization ratio of the heat energy is improved. 
(5) Multi-nozzle structure, uniform firepower, no overheating area in furnace, less oxide coating; 
(6) energy saving is 30% -60% more than traditional preheating furnace and 20% -40% more energy saving than existing regenerative burner furnace. 
Shandong Ilette heavy Industry is very satisfied with the natural gas forging furnace equipment of our YIRAN environmental protection factory, signed an order agreement with us again in 2017, ordered a natural gas automatic discharging furnace, the customer issued the order again to prove our strength. May we work together to build a better future.
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